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Bonn meeting

For the next annual meeting of the TR33 we have reserved the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef from

Sunday afternoon, 30. September, to Wednesday afternoon, 3. October 2007

The list of participants can be found here and program schedule can be found here.

Our colleagues from the related SFB 676: Particles, Strings and the Early Universe are kindly invited to participate in this meeting.

Please note that the Junior Researchers of the TR33 meet directly afterwards from

Wednesday afternoon, 3. October, to Friday afternoon, 5. October 2007

Further information on this can be found here. There will also be an additional theorist meeting in Bonn during these days - its schedule is merged with the main meeting schedule.

Further planning and discussion can take place at the internal discussion page.


The Physikzentrum has 21 single and 32 double rooms. The lecture hall can seat 110 people. Please register as soon as possible by sending email to with subject: TRR33 Bad Honnef registration and add the following information:

I need accomodation at the Center:  
(  ) Sunday,  (  ) Monday, (  ) Tuesday
I will have lunch on:
(  ) Monday, (  ) Tuesday, (  ) Wednesday
I will have dinner on:
(  ) Sunday,  (  ) Monday, (  ) Tuesday
I prefer vegetarian food (  )
I would like to have a single room (  )
I would be glad to share a room if need arises (  )
I shall present a poster (  )
I would like to give a splinter talk with the title:

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