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Inflation and the origin of Dark Energy

Principal Investigator: V. Mukhanov LMU Munich


The origin of Dark Energy and Dark Matter might be related to the problem of initial conditions in the very early universe. According to inflationary model the universe must be eternal and it has a complicated structure on very large scales. In the eternal self-reproducing universe constants of Nature can be variables related to some slowly varying fields. In this case they take different values within different spatial regions. As a result cosmological constant and/or some scalar condensate could survive after inflation and serve as Dark Energy component. Another scalar field can play the role of Dark Matter.

The purpose of the project is to understand how could inflation naturally lead to the observable matter composition of the universe. One of the basic problems here to be resolved is the determination of measure of initial conditions in eternal universe with variable constants of Nature which could lead to a particular matter content within an observable patch of the universe. This problem is closely related to the gauge-invariant description of the eternal self-reproducing universe. After such a measure is found we will need to investigate the preheating and reheating in the context of the eternal universe and determine the typical amount of the produced Dark Energy and Dark Matter after inflation. In particular, it is interesting to study the models where a second scalar field (curvaton) can play an essential role for the structure formation. The main aim of the project is to resolve the cosmic coincidence problem and thus to understand why Dark Energy must dominate today. Besides of that we have to explain why Dark Matter constitutes a substantial fraction of the total energy density of the present universe.

Role within the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre

The theoretical aspects of this project link closely to A1, A3, B2, C3, C4.
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