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List of Publications of the 1st Funding Period 7/2006-6/2010

Authors: Please confine listed publications to Transregio-specific works

Publications by project A1 - "Quintessence, Branes and Higher Dimensions"

Competing bounds on the present-day time variation of fundamental constants.
Thomas Dent, Steffen Stern, Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg U.)
HD-THEP-08-33, Dec 2008. 4pp.
e-Print: arXiv:0812.4130 [hep-ph]

Time variation of fundamental couplings and dynamical dark energy.
Thomas Dent, S. Stern, C. Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . HD-THEP-08-22, Sep 2008. 26pp.
Published in JCAP 0901:038,2009.
e-Print: arXiv:0809.4628 [hep-ph]

Unifying cosmological and recent time variations of fundamental couplings.
Thomas Dent, Steffen Stern, Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) .
HD-THEP-08-18, Aug 2008. 35pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D78:103518,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0808.0702 [hep-ph]

Dilatation symmetry in higher dimensions and the vanishing of the cosmological constant.
C. Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . Jun 2008. 4pp.
e-Print: arXiv:0806.0741 [hep-th]

Constraints for warped branes.
C. Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . May 2008. 25pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D78:043503,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0805.2024 [hep-th]

Big Bang nucleosynthesis as a probe of varying fundamental 'constants'.
Thomas Dent, Steffen Stern, Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . 2007. 4pp.
Prepared for 13th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology (PASCOS 07), London, England, 2-7 Jul 2007.
Published in AIP Conf.Proc.957:383-386,2007.

Naturalness of exponential cosmon potentials and the cosmological constant problem.
C. Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . Jan 2008. 19pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D77:103505, 2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0801.3208 [hep-th]

Big Bang nucleosynthesis as a probe of fundamental constants.
Thomas Dent, Steffen Stern, Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . Oct 2007. 6pp.
To appear in the proceedings of 3rd Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference and 21st International Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference of the European Physical Society, Dresden, Germany, 26-31 Mar 2007.
Published in J.Phys.G35:014005,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0710.4854 [astro-ph]

Primordial nucleosynthesis as a probe of fundamental physics parameters.
Thomas Dent, Steffen Stern, Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) .
HD-THEP-07-10, May 2007. 31pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D76:063513,2007.
e-Print: arXiv:0705.0696 [astro-ph]

Publications by project A2 - "Inflation and the origin of Dark Energy"

* Publications V. Mukhanov

-- GeorgWolschin - 04 Nov 2008: please list project-specific publications

  • Alexey Golovnev, Viatcheslav Mukhanov, Vitaly Vanchurin: Vector Inflation, JCAP 0806:009,2008.
  • Alexey Golovnev, Viatcheslav Mukhanov, Vitaly Vanchurin: Gravitational waves in vector inflation, JCAP 0811:018,2008.
  • Alexey Golovnev, Vitaly Vanchurin: Cosmological perturbations from vector inflation, Phys.Rev.D79:103524,2009.
  • Andrei Linde, Vitaly Vanchurin, Sergei Winitzki: Stationary Measure in the Multiverse, JCAP 0901:031,2009.
  • Vitaly Vanchurin: Geodesic measures of the landscape, Phys.Rev.D75:023524,2007.
  • Ken Olum, Vitaly Vanchurin: Cosmic string loops in the expanding Universe, Phys.Rev.D75:063521,2007.
  • Vitaly Vanchurin: Cosmic string loops: Large and small, but not tiny,Phys.Rev.D77:063532,2008.
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: A Brief note on how to unify dark matter, dark energy, and inflation, Phys.Rev.D75:127301,2007
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Cosmic strings and natural inflation, JHEP 0706:080,2007
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Statefinder parameters in two dark energy models, Nucl.Phys.B796:66-76,2008
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Non-thermal leptogenesis and gravitino problem in inflaton decay, JHEP 0712:016,2007
  • Jin U Kang, Grigoris Panotopoulos: Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis and WIMP dark matter in modified gravity, Phys.Lett.B677:6-11,2009
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Comparison between different cosmological models, Phys.Rev.D77:107303,2008
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Supersymmetric dark matter, catalyzed BBN, and heavy moduli in mSUGRA with gravitino LSP and stau NLSP, Phys.Lett.B671:327-330,2009

Publications by project A3 - "Origin of Dark Energy and Dark Matter in String Theory"

  • A. Krause, "Supersymmetry Breaking with Zero Vacuum Energy in M-theory Flux Compactifications", arXiv:hep-th/0701009, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 241601 (2007).
  • A. Krause and E. Pajer, "Chasing Brane Inflation in String-Theory", arXiv:0705.4682, JCAP 0807:023,2008.
  • A. Krause, "Large Gravitational Waves and Lyth Bound in Multi Brane Inflation", arXiv:0708.4414, JCAP 0807:023,2008.
  • A. Krause, "Towards Dark Energy from String Theory", arXiv:0801.0223, Proceedings of 6th International Heidelberg Conference on Dark Matter in Astro and Particle Physics, Sydney, Australia, 24-28 Sep 2007.
  • G. Dvali and D. Lüst, "Power of Black Hole Physics: Seeing through the Vacuum Landscape", arXiv:0801.1287, JHEP 0806 (2008) 047.
  • P. Koerber, D. Lüst, D. Tsimpis, "Type IIA AdS4? Compactifications on Cosets, Interpolations and Domain Walls", arXiv0804.0614, JHEP 0807 (2008) 017.
  • M. Haack, R. Kallosh, A. Krause, A. Linde, D. Lüst, M. Zagermann, "Update of D3/D7-Brane Inflation on K3 x T2/Z(2)", arXiv:0804.3961, Nucl.Phys.B 806:103-177,2009.
  • A. Ashoorioon, A. Krause, K. Turzynski, "Energy Transfer in Multi Field Inflation and Cosmological Perturbations", arXiv:0810.4660, JCAP 0902:014,2009.
  • C. Caviezel, P. Koerber, S. Körs, D. Lüst, D. Wrase, M. Zagermann, "On the Cosmology of Type IIA Compactifications on SU(3) Structure Manifolds", arXiv:0812.3551, JHEP 0904 (2009) 010.
  • D. Lüst, "Seeing through the String Landscape – a String Hunter’s Companion in Particle Physics and Cosmology", arXiv:0904.4601, JHEP 0903 (2009) 149.
  • A. Krause, "Heterotic M-Theory and Cosmology", in "String Cosmology - Modern String Theory Concepts from the Big Bang to Cosmic Structure", Wiley-VCH, 2009.
  • M. Haack, D. Lüst, L. Martucci, A. Tomasiello, "Domain Walls from ten Dimensions", arXiv:0905.1582.

Publications by project A4 - "Dark matter in Randall-Sundrum brane cosmology"

  • A. Hebecker and J. March-Russell: The ubiquitous throat, Nucl. Phys. B 781, 99 (2007), arXiv: hep-th/0607120.
  • B. v. Harling and A. Hebecker: Sequestered Dark Matter. JHEP 0805 (2008) 031, arXiv:0801.4015 .
  • B. v. Harling, A. Hebecker and T. Noguchi: Energy Transfer between Throats from a 10d Perspective, JHEP 0711 (2007) 042, arXiv:0705.3648 .
  • A. P. Braun, A. Hebecker and H. Triendl: D7-Brane Motion from M-Theory Cycles and Obstructions in the Weak Coupling Limit, Nucl. Phys. B 800 (2008) 298, arXiv:0801.2163.
  • A. P. Braun, A. Hebecker, C. Ludeling and R. Valandro: Fixing D7 brane positions by F-theory fluxes, Nucl. Phys. B 815, 256 (2009), arXiv:0811.2416.
  • S. Renaux-Petel and G. Tasinato: Nonlinear perturbations of cosmological scalar fields with non-standard kinetic terms, JCAP 0901, 012 (2009), arXiv:0810.2405.
  • C. T. Byrnes and G. Tasinato: Non-Gaussianity beyond slow roll in multi-field inflation, arXiv:0906.0767.
  • S. G. Nibbelink, M. Peloso and M. Sexton: Nonlinear properties of Vielbein massive gravity, Eur. Phys. J. C 51, 741 (2007), arXiv: hep-th/0610169.
  • C. P. Burgess, D. Hoover and G. Tasinato: Technical naturalness on a codimension-2 brane, JHEP 0906, 014 (2009), arXiv:0903.0402.
  • C. P. Burgess, D. Hoover, C. de Rham and G. Tasinato: Effective field theories and matching for codimension-2 branes, JHEP 0903, 124 (2009), arXiv:0812.3820.

Publications by project B1 - "Early Dark Energy"

Growing neutrino cosmology.
Christof Wetterich, Valeria Pettorino . May 2009. Temporary entry
e-Print: arXiv:0905.0715 [astro-ph]

Clustering in growing neutrino cosmologies.
Valeria Pettorino, David F. Mota, Georg Robbers, Christof Wetterich . Jan 2009. Temporary entry
Published in AIP Conf.Proc.1115:291-296,2009.
e-Print: arXiv:0901.1239 [astro-ph]

Cosmon Lumps and Horizonless Black Holes.
Timm Krueger, Matthias Neubert, Christof Wetterich . MZ-TH-08-07, Feb 2008. 6pp. Temporary entry
Published in Phys.Lett.B663:21-25,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0802.4399 [astro-ph]

Neutrino clustering in growing neutrino quintessence.
D.F. Mota, V. Pettorino, G. Robbers, C. Wetterich . Feb 2008. 6pp. Temporary entry
Published in Phys.Lett.B663:160-164,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0802.1515 [astro-ph]

Neutrino Lumps in Quintessence Cosmology.
N. Brouzakis, N. Tetradis (Athens U.) , C. Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) . Nov 2007. 4pp.
Published in Phys.Lett.B665:131-134,2008.
e-Print: arXiv:0711.2226 [astro-ph]

Publications by project B2 - "K-essence and its observational imprints"

* Publications I. Sachs

* Publications V. Mukhanov

  • Jin U Kang, Vitaly Vanchurin, Sergei Winitzki: Attractor scenarios and superluminal signals in k-essence cosmology, Phys.Rev.D76:083511,2007.
  • I. Sachs: Quasi-Normal Modes for Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory, JHEP 0809, 073 (2008).
  • I. Sachs and S. N. Solodukhin: Quasi-Normal Modes in Topologically Massive Gravity, JHEP 0808, 003 (2008).
  • P. H. v. Loewenfeld and I. Sachs: Resolution of Curvature Singularities in Higher Derivative Gravity, Phys.Rev.D 78, 024036 (2008).
  • M. Baumgartl and I. Sachs: Open-Closed String Correspondence in Open String Field Theory, Fortsch.Phys. 56, 343 (2008).
  • J. L. Davis, M. Gutperle, P. Kraus and I. Sachs: Stringy NJL and Gross-Neveu models at finite density and temperature, JHEP 0710, 049 (2007).
  • S. Ansari, J. D. Lange and I. Sachs: Supersymmetric branes in generic M-theory attractor geometries, JHEP 0706, 027 (2007).
  • M. Baumgartl and I. Sachs: Open-closed string correspondence: D-brane decay in curved space, JHEP 0703, 024 (2007).
  • Philipp Höffer v. Loewenfeld, Jin U Kang, Nicolas Moeller, Ivo Sachs: Bouncing universe and non-BPS branes, arXiv:0906.3242
  • Nicolas Moeller: A tachyon lump in closed string field theory, JHEP 0809:056,2008.
  • S. Ansari, G. Panotopoulos, I. Sachs: Absorption on horizon-wrapped branes, arXiv:0901.1180
  • Tsutomu Kobayashi, Masato Minamitsuji: Gravity on an extended brane in six-dimensional warped flux compactification models, Phys.Rev.D75:104013,2007.
  • Masato Minamitsuji, David Langlois: Cosmological evolutions of regularized branes in 6D warped flux compactifications, Phy. Rev. D 76:084031,2007.
  • Tsutomu Kobayashi, Masato Minamitsuji: Brane cosmological solutions in six-dimensional warped flux compactifications, JCAP 0707:016.
  • Masato Minamitsuji: Instability of brane cosmological solutions with flux compactifications, Classical and Quantum Gravity 25, 075019,2008.
  • Emilio Elizalde, Masato Minamitsuji, Wade Naylor: Casimir effect in rugby-ball type flux compactifications, Phy. Rev. D 75:064032,2007.
  • Masato Minamitsuji: Casimir effect in rugby-ball-type flux compactifications, Journal of Physics A 41, 164060,2008.
  • Masato Minamitsuji: Cosmological Kaluza-Klein branes in black-brane spacetime, Phys.Lett.B666:404-409,2008
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Detectable primordial non-gaussianities and gravitational waves in k-inflation, Phys.Rev.D76:127302,2007
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Gravitino dark matter in brane-world cosmology", JCAP 0705:016,2007.
  • Grigoris Panotopoulos: Assisted chaotic inflation in brane-world cosmology", Phys.Rev.D75:107302,2007
  • Jin U. Kang, Grigoris Panotopoulos: Dark matter in supersymmetric models with axino LSP in Randall-Sundrum II brane model, JHEP 0805:036,2008

Publications by project B3 - "Supernovae probing the Dark Energy"

  • Ciaraldi-Schoolmann, F., Schmidt, W., Niemeyer, J. C., Röpke, F. K., Hillebrandt, W.: Turbulence in a Three-Dimensional Deflagration Model for Type Ia Supernovae. I. Scaling Properties, ApJ, 696 (2009) 1491
  • Foley, R. J., Matheson, T., Blondin, S., et al.: Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Supernovae from the Essence Project: The First Four Years, AJ, 137 (2009) 3731
  • Altavilla, G., Ruiz-Lapuente, P., Balastegui, A., et al.: Type Ia SNe Along Redshift: The R(Si II) Ratio and the Expansion Velocities in Intermediate-z Supernovae, ApJ, 695 (2009) 135
  • Foley, R. J., Filippenko, A. V., Aguilera, C., et al.: Constraining Cosmic Evolution of Type Ia Supernovae, ApJ, 684 (2008) 68
  • Pignata, G., Benetti, S., Mazzali, P. A., et al.: Optical and infrared observations of SN 2002dj: some possible common properties of fast-expanding Type Ia supernovae, MNRAS, 388 (2008) 971
  • Harutyunyan, A. H., Pfahler, P., Pastorello, A., et al.: ESC supernova spectroscopy of non-ESC targets, A&A, 488 (2008) 383
  • Sauer, D. N., Mazzali, P. A., Blondin, S., et al.: Properties of the ultraviolet flux of type Ia supernovae: an analysis with synthetic spectra of SN 2001ep and SN 2001eh, MNRAS, 391 (2008) 1605
  • Sauer, D. N.; Mazzali, P. A., Interpretation of observed type Ia supernova spectra with radiative transfer models, New Astronomy Reviews 52 (2008), 370
  • Pakmor, R. Röpke, F. K., Weiss, A., Hillebrandt, W.: The impact of type Ia supernovae on main sequence binary companions, A&A, 489 (2008) 943
  • Hachinger, S., Mazzali, P. A., Tanaka, M., et al.: Spectral luminosity indicators in Type Ia supernovae. Understanding the SiII line-strength ratio and beyond, MNRAS, 389 (2008) 1087
  • Mazzali, P., Sauer, D. N., Pastorello, A., et al.: Abundance stratification in Type Ia supernovae - II. The rapidly declining, spectroscopically normal SN2004eo, MNRAS, 386 (2008) 1897
  • Leibundgut, B.: Supernovae and cosmology, General Relativity and Gravitation, 40 (2008) 221
  • Taubenberger, S., Hachinger, S., Pignata, G., et al.: The underluminous Type Ia supernova 2005bl and the class of objects similar to SN 1991bg, MNRAS, 385 (2008) 75
  • Fink, M., Hillebrandt, W., Röpke, F.: Double-detonation supernovae of sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfs, A&A, 467 (2007) 1133
  • Röpke, F., Hillebrandt, W., Schmidt, W., et al.: A Three-Dimensional Deflagration Model for Type Ia Supernovae Compared with Observations, ApJ, 668 (2007) 1132
  • Davis, T. M., et al.: Scrutinizing Exotic Cosmological Models Using ESSENCE Supernova Data Combined with Other Cosmological Probes, Apj, 666 (2007) 716
  • Wood-Vasey, W. M., et al.: Observational Constraints on the Nature of Dark Energy: First Cosmological Results from the ESSENCE Supernova Survey, ApJ, 666 (2007) 694
  • Miknaitis, G., et al.: The ESSENCE Supernova Survey: Survey Optimization, Observations, and Supernova Photometry, ApJ, 666 (2007) 674
  • Sim, S. A., Sauer, D. N., Röpke, F. K., Hillebrandt, W.: Light curves for off-centre ignition models of Type Ia supernovae, MNRAS, 378 (2007) 2
  • Röpke, F., Woosley, S. E., Hillebrandt, W.: Off-Center Ignition in Type Ia Supernovae. I. Initial Evolution and Implications for Delayed Detonation, ApJ, 660 (2007) 1344
  • Hillebrandt, W.; Sim, S. A.; Röpke, F. K.: Off-center explosions of Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarfs: an explanation of super-bright type Ia supernovae? A&A, 465 (2007) L17
  • Patat, F.; Chandra, P.; Chevalier, R., et al.: Detection of Circumstellar Material in a Normal Type Ia Supernova, Science, 317 (2007) 924
  • Mazzali, P. A., Röpke, F. K. Benetti, S., Hillebrandt, W.: A Common Explosion Mechanism for Type Ia Supernovae, Science, 315 (2007) 825

Publications by project B4 - "Exploring the dark universe with the Cosmic Microwave Background"

  • Carbone, C. et al., "Lensed CMB temperature and polarization maps from the Millennium Simulation", MNRAS (2009). paper
  • Waizmann, J.-C., Bartelmann, M., "Impact of early dark energy on the Planck SZ cluster sample", A&A 493, 859 (2009). paper
  • Carbone, C. et al., "Full-sky maps for gravitational lensing of the cosmic microwave background", MNRAS 388, 1618 (2008). paper
  • Crociani, D. et al., "Cosmic reionization in dynamic quintessence cosmology", MNRAS 385, 728 (2008). paper
  • Schäfer, B.M., Bartelmann, M., "Detecting Sunyaev-Zel'dovich clusters with Planck - III. Properties of the expected SZ cluster sample", MNRAS 377, 253 (2007). paper
  • Maio, U. et al., "Early structure formation in quintessence models and its implications for cosmic reionization from first stars", MNRAS 373, 869 (2006). paper
  • Frommert, M. et al., "Optimal ISW detection and joint likelihood for cosmological parameter estimation", MNRAS 391, 1315 (2008). paper
  • Frommert, M. et al., "Ironing out primordial temperature fluctuations with polarization: optimal detection of cosmic structure imprints", MNRAS 395, 1337 (2009). paper
  • Ensslin, T. et al. "Information field theory for cosmological perturbation reconstruction and non-linear signal analysis",PRD submitted, arXiv:0806.3474 (2008) paper
  • Waelkens, A. et al., "Camouflaged galactic CMB foregrounds: total and polarized contributions of the kinetic Sunyaev Zeldovich effect", MNRAS 383, 1425 (2008) paper
  • Jasche, J. et al., "Digital Signal Processing in Cosmology", MNRAS submitted,arXiv:0901.3043 (2009) paper
  • Maturi, M. et al., "The actual Rees-Sciama effect from the local universe",A&A 476, 83-88 (2007) paper
  • Maturi, M. et al., "A linear-filter approach to extracting the Rees-Sciama effect in merging clusters of galaxies", A&A 467, 411-419 (2007) paper
  • Reinecke, M. et al., "A simulation pipeline for the Planck mission", A&A 445, 373 (2006) paper

* Publications T. Ensslin

Publications by project B5 - "Weak lensing and constraints on the Dark Energy equation-of-state"

Hartlap, J.; Simon, P.; Schneider, P.
Why your model parameter confidences might be too optimistic. Unbiased estimation of the inverse covariance matrix
A&A, 464, 399-404, 2007

Hetterscheidt, M.; Simon, P.; Erben, T.; Schneider, P.; Schmirmer, M.; Dietrich, J. P.; Hildebrandt, H.; Cordes, O.; Schrabback, T.; Haberzettl, L.; Schmithuesen, O.; Trachternach, C.; Wolf, C.; Meisenheimer, K.; Micol, A.; Perfederici, F.
Probing the Universe Using a Mostly Virtual Survey: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey
The Messenger, 126, 19
Messenger homepage

Massey, R., Heymans, C., Berge, J., Bernstein, G., Bridle, S., Clowe, D., Dahle, H., Ellis, R., Erben, T., Hetterscheidt, M., High, F.~W., Hirata, C., Hoekstra, H., Hudelot, P., Jarvis, M., Johnston, D., Kuijken, K., Margoniner, V., Mandelbaum, R., Mellier, Y., Nakajima, R., Paulin-Henriksson, S., Peeples, M., Roat, C., Refregier, A., Rhodes, J., Schrabback, T., Schirmer, M., Seljak, U., Semboloni, E., and Van Waerbeke, L.
The Shear TEsting Programme 2: Factors affecting high precision weak lensing analyses
MNRAS, 376, 13-38, 2007

M. Schirmer, T. Erben, M. Hetterscheidt, and P. Schneider
GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey; IX. A sample of 158 shear-selected mass concentration candidates
A&A, 462, 875-887, 2007

T. Schrabback, T. Erben, P. Simon, J.-M. Miralles, P. Schneider, C. Heymans, T. Eifler, M. Hetterscheidt,, R.A.E. Fosbury, W. Freudling, H. Hildebrandt, and N. Pirzkal
Cosmic shear analysis of archival HST/ACS data: I. Comparison of early ACS pure parallel data to the HST/GEMS Survey
A&A, 468, 823-847, 2007

P. Simon, M. Hetterscheidt, M. Schirmer, T. Erben, P. Schneider, C. Wolf and K. Meisenheimer
GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey; VII. Probing galaxy bias using weak gravitational lensing
A&A, 461, 861-879, 2007

M. Hetterscheidt, P. Simon, M. Schirmer, H. Hildebrandt, T. Schrabback, T. Erben and P. Schneider
GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey; VII. Cosmic shear analysis
A&A, 468, 859-876, 2007

Schneider, P.; Kilbinger, M.
The ring statistics - how to separate E- and B-modes of cosmic shear correlation functions on a finite interval
A&A, 462, 841-849, 2007

Kilbinger, M.; Schneider, P.; Eifler, T.
E- and B-mode mixing from incomplete knowledge of the shear correlation
A&A, 457, 15, 2006

Dietrich, J.P., Erben, T., Lamer, G., Schneider, P., Schwope, A.,Hartlap, J., and Maturi, M.
BLOX: the Bonn lensing, optical and X-ray selected galaxy clusters. I. Cluster catalog construction
A&A, 470, 821-834, 2007

Joachimi, B., Schneider, P., and Eifler, T.
Analysis of two-point statistics of cosmic shear: III. Covariances of shear measures made easy
A&A 477, 43-54, 2008

Simon, P., Watts, P., Schneider, P., Hoekstra, H., Gladders, M.D., Yee, H.K.C., Hsieh, B.C., and Lin, H.
First detection of galaxy-galaxy-galaxy lensing in RCS -- a new tool for studying the matter environment of galaxy pairs
A&A 479, 655-667, 2008

Eifler, T., Kilbinger, M., and Schneider, P.
Comparing cosmic shear measures. Optimizing the information content of cosmic shear data vectors
A&A 482, 9-19, 2008

Schneider, P., and Er, X.
Weak lensing goes bananas: What flexion really measures
A&A 485, 363-376, 2008

Semboloni, E., Heymans, C., van Waerbeke, L., and Schneider, P.
Sources of contamination to weak lensing three-point statistics: constraints from N-body simulations
MNRAS 388, 991-1000, 2008

Joachimi, B., and Schneider, P.
The removal of shear-ellipticity correlations from the cosmic shear signal via nulling techniques
A&A 488, 829-843, 2008

Erben, T., Hildebrandt, H., Lerchster, M., Hudelot, P., Benjamin, J., van Waerbeke, L., Schrabback, T., Brimioulle, F., Cordes, O., Dietrich, J.P., Holhjem, K., Schirmer, M., and Schneider, P.
CARS: The CFHTLS-Archive-Research Survey. I. Five-band multi-colour data from 37 sq. deg. CFHTLS-Wide observations
A&A 493, 1197-1222, 2009

Hilbert, S., Hartlap, J., White, S.D.M. \& Schneider, P.
Ray-tracing through the Millennium Simulation: Born corrections and lens-lens coupling in cosmic shear and galaxy-galaxy lensing
A&A 499, 31-43, 2009

Eifler, T., Schneider, P., and Hartlap, J.
Dependence of cosmic shear covariances on cosmology - Impact on parameter estimation
A&A submitted, 2008

Hartlap, J., Schrabback, T., Simon, P., and Schneider, P.
The non-Gaussianity of the cosmic shear likelihood - or: How odd is the Chandra Deep Field South?
A&A submitted, 2009

Joachimi, B. and Schneider, P.
The removal of shear-ellipticity correlations from the cosmic shear signal: Influence of photometric redshift errors on the nulling technique
A&A submitted, 2009

Schneider, P., and Hartlap, J.
Constrained correlation functions
A&A submitted, 2009

Fu, L., Semboloni, E., Hoekstra, H., Kilbinger, M., van Waerbeke, L., and 14 colleagues
Very weak lensing in the CFHTLS wide: cosmology from cosmic shear in the linear regime
AAP, 479, 9-25, 2008

Hildebrandt, H., Wolf, C., Benitez, N.
A blind test of photometric redshifts on ground-based data
AAP, 480, 703-714, 2008

Benjamin, J., Heymans, C., Semboloni, E., van Waerbeke, L., Hoekstra, H., and 5 colleagues
Cosmological constraints from the 100-deg$^2$ weak-lensing survey
MNRAS 381, 702--712, 2007

Massey, R., Heymans, C., Berge, J., Bernstein, G., Bridle, S., and 26 colleagues
The Shear Testing Programme 2: Factors affecting high-precision weak-lensing analyses
MNRAS 376, 13--38, 2007

Massey, R., Rhodes, J., Leauthaud, A., Capak, P., Ellis, R., and 15 colleagues
COSMOS: Three-dimensional Weak Lensing and the Growth of Structure
APJS, 172, 239--253, 2007

Maturi, M., Schirmer, M., Meneghetti, M., Bartelmann, M., Moscardini, L.
Searching dark-matter halos in the GaBoDS? survey
AAP, 462, 2007

Tereno, Ismael; Schimd, Carlo; Uzan, Jean-Philippe; Kilbinger, Martin; Vincent, Frederic H.; Fu, Liping
CFHTLS weak-lensing constraints on the neutrino masses
submitted to A&A, arXiv:0810.0555

Semboloni, Elisabetta; Tereno, Ismael; van Waerbeke, Ludovic; Heymans, Catherine
Sources of contamination to weak lensing tomography: redshift-dependent shear measurement bias
submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:0812.1881

Kilbinger, M.; Benabed, K.; Guy, J.; Astier, P.; Tereno, I.; Fu, L.; Wraith, D.; Coupon, J.; Mellier, Y.; Balland, C.; Bouchet, F. R.; Hamana, T.; Hardin, D.; McCracken?, H. J.; Pain, R.; Regnault, N.; Schultheis, M.; Yahagi, H.
Dark-energy constraints and correlations with systematics from CFHTLS weak lensing, SNLS supernovae Ia and WMAP5
A&A 497 677--688, 2009

Marian, Laura; Smith, Robert E.; Bernstein, Gary M.
The Cosmology Dependence of Weak Lensing Cluster Counts
ApJ 698, L33-L36, 2009

Vafaei, S.; Lu, T.; van Waerbeke, L.; Semboloni, E.; Heymans, C.; Pen, U. L.
Breaking the Degeneracy: Optimal Use of Third Order Weak Lensing Statistics
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