Gender Equality issues and Young family support

Transregio33 Fellowships

In 2012-16, the following TR33 Fellowships (up to 18months each) from central Transregio funds have been awarded to

Dandan Xu, Bonn (Postdoc)

Katarina Markovic, Munich (Postdoc)

Alexander Gelsin, Heidelberg (PD-student)

Christina Hennig, Munich (PD-student)

Katharina Borm (2ms)/ Miriam Ramos Ceja (10ms), Bonn (PD-student)

Melanie Haase, Munich (PD-student)

Sophia Mueller, Munich (PD-student)

Julia Young, Munich (Postdoc)

Alicia Bueno Belloso, Heidelberg (Postdoc)

Nina Roth, Bonn (Postdoc, until 6/2018)

Noemi Frusciante, Heidelberg (Postdoc, until 6/2018)

The fellowships serve an incentive to initiate new projects, and to support young women in science. Complying with DFG regulations, they are E13 (E13/2 for doctoral students) positions with contracts. Further support of the PhD? students when the fellowships end has been secured.

Note: M. Haase has accepted a position at Oldenburg University.

D. Xu has meanwhile accepted a Humboldt fellowship.

K. Borm has now a Telecom-fellowship.