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Third Young Researchers' Workshop in Heidelberg

The third Young Researchers' Workshop takes place

from March 27th to March 28th, 2008

in Heidelberg.

Aim of the meeting

The meeting is intended for young researchers (diploma and PhD students as well as postdocs) involved in the Dark Universe research projects. The idea is to keep up to date with recent work in the transregio, to provide an opportunity to advance the work being done in existing collaborations, and to encourage new collaborations within the transregio. Please use the discussion page for suggestions and feedback concerning the meeting.


Registration is closed


There will be two lectures (each ~2h), one observational and one theoretical, both divided into an introductory part and a more advanced second part.

Heidelberg Astronomers' Convention on Wednesday, March 26

On Wednesday, the Heidelberg Astronomers' Convention will take place. Participants of the workshop are cordially invited to attend the discussion sessions on Wednesday afternoon. You can find an overview of the topics of these sessions here.


Thursday, March 28th:

morning session:

  • 9:00-9:30 : registration
  • Welcome + introduction
  • obervational lecture 1
  • coffee break
  • observational lecture 2

afternoon session:

  • Introductory talks by new participants(*)
  • planning session: summary of the winterschool, suggestions/plans for future meetings
  • working group session 1
  • coffee break
  • working group session 2

(*) New participants are encouraged to give a 5 minute talk in order to introduce themselves and their work. The suggested format of the talk is described below.

Friday, March 28th:

  • theory lecture part 1
  • coffee break
  • theory lecture part 2
  • working group session 3
  • summary session
  • end of workshop ~14:00h

New participants talks:

New members of the groups in the transregio are asked to briefly introduce themselves and their work related to the transregio projects. In order to make things easier, please stick to the following format. You can also have a look at the 5 minute talks of the previous meetings in Munich and Bonn.

Talk Format:

- Slide 1: Full Name, Picture of your face (mandatory), Institute, TR33 Project and your PI
- Slide 2: What you and your group want to achieve...
- Slide 3: What you are doing right now...
- Slide 4: What is your next step/goal...
- Slide 5: What is the biggest challenge you are facing - how could people from the transregio help?

Use landscape format and please, if possible, write in black on white background and use as few formulas as possible (forget about details, focus on the concepts, and remember that the audience goes from theoreticians to observers).

Working Group Sessions

Continuing the tradition of the Bonn and Munich meetings, these sessions provide the opportunity for more in-depth discussions, and provide the opportunity for existing collaborations to "actually get some work done".

Hotels (Bed & Breakfast)

We have made preliminary reservations at Hotel Kohler. The double rooms are 88 Euros, the single rooms 67 Euros/night. You can book your room directly via the hotel webpage . Please mention "TRR33" in the reservation form when making the reservation with the hotel in order to get the conference rate.

Alternatively, you can book hotels in Heidelberg at the Heidelberg info page.

Travel Information

Hotel Kohler is about 1 km from the main station, and can easily be reached via a 3 min. bus or tram ride to the stop "Poststrasse". From the main station take e.g. tram 21 to Bismarckplatz, bus 34 to "Ziegelhausen, Heidebuckelweg", or bus 33 "Ziegelhausen, Köpfel". From the bus stop, there is a map to guide you to the hotel.

The Institutes

The institutes in Heidelberg that are part of the TRR33 are the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (travel information and map) and the Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Local Organisation and Contact

The meeting is being organised by students and postdocs in the ITP and ITA Heidelberg (see links above). For specific organisational questions please contact g.robbers@thphys.uni-heidelberg.de


Please feel free to make suggestions on the program or other related topics on the internal discussion page.

Earlier Meetings

The report of the earlier meetings are available here:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Heidelberg!
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