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A2 - Inflation and the origin of Dark Energy

Principal Investigator: V. Mukhanov (LMU Munich); H. P. Nilles (Bonn)


In March 2013 the first cosmological results of the measurements of the cosmic microwave background fluctuations by Planck mission were released. The sensitivity of these measurements has allowed us to determine the cosmological parameters with extremely high accuracy. By next year when polarization data are expected to be released this accuracy will be improved in few times. In particular, the precise measurements of the spectral index of primordial perturbations, the constrains on non-gaussianity already nowadays allow us to establish the major features of the early acceleration stage excluding many popular scenarios as a candidate for cosmic in ation. In this project we suggest to continue investigation of the fundamental particle physics theories in the cosmological context and relating these theories with experimental precision measurements of the CMB fluctuations and Dark Energy.
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