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A3 - Origin of Dark Energy and Dark Matter in String Theory

Principal Investigators: Ilka Brunner, Dieter Lüst (Munich); Arthur Hebecker, Timo Weigand (Heidelberg)


Fundamental cosmological questions, including Dark Energy and inflation, depend on our understanding of quantum gravity. String theory is a promising candidate theory in this context. We propose to continue the study of a new string-theoretic inflationary framework based on 7-branes and fluxes (fluxbrane inflation) in the context of moduli stabilization and to search for stable de Sitter compactifications. We will aim at an in-depth understanding of the relevant brane moduli space including loop, non-perturbative and geometrical corrections. We will also derive observational consequences arising in the context of the power-spectrum, the reheating process (including Dark Matter generation) and cosmic string production. Furthermore, we will continue the development of a more fundamental understanding of string (non-)geometry, with a view on the most pressing cosmological issues (e.g. de Sitter stability and landscape dynamics).
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