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A4 - Dark matter in Randall-Sundrum brane cosmology

The Randall-Sundrum model explains the gauge hierarchy by two branes in a curved 5-dimensional space (AdS5) which are stabilized in such a way that one of them defines the scale of gravity (Planck brane) while the other defines the Fermi scale (TeV brane). These models arise naturally in string-theory, where they correspond to the strongly warped regions ("throats") of 10d flux compactifications.

In this project, it is planned to develop our understanding of the early cosmology in realistic Randall-Sundrum models. We will focus on the identification of dark matter candidates and the understanding of the high-temperature dynamics determining their abundance. In this context, it will be crucial to bring together the 5d Randall-Sundrum language and the language of the 10d warped geometries, the latter being presumably most relevant at the high energy scales governing the early universe.

From a broader perspective, throat geometries are a generic feature of the string theory landscape. Thus, they have to be analysed in the context of the ongoing effort to understand the origin of the universe and early cosmology within this new paradigm.

More information can be found here.

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