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A5 - WIMPs as Candidates for Dark Matter

Principal Investigator: M. Drees (Bonn)


Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) remain among the leading particle physics candidates for the Dark Matter whose existence is inferred from a host of astronomical and cosmological observations. However, direct evidence for their existence is still lacking.

In the coming years a multitude of data bearing on this problem will become available. Of particular interest is information from direct as well as indirect searches for WIMP relics from the very early universe, as well as searches for final states containing WIMPs by the LHC experiments. Moreover, cosmological and astrophysical observations can be used to constrain some properties of WIMPs. One goal of this project is to interpret these future data in the context of well–motivated WIMP models. In case of LHC data, a so–called model independent approach has become popular; we intend to check the validity of this approach. Also older data from e+e- colliders will be used to constrain models with relatively light WIMPs and/or light particles mediating the interactions of WIMPs with normal matter.

We also intend to develop new signatures for WIMPs. In particular, we intend to elaborate on a recent proposal, which came from members of our group, to use neutrinos coming from the Sun with energies of some tens of MeV, rather than (tens of) GeV, as signal of WIMP annihilation in the Sun, by detailed calculations of signal rates in various planned supernova detectors, which are optimized for this energy range.
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