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B7 - Probing Dark Matter and Dark Energy with observations of the evolution and spatial distribution of galaxy clusters

Principal Investigators: F. Bertoldi (Bonn); K. Dolag, J. Mohr (Munich)


To derive precision cosmological constraints from clusters via abundance and spatial clustering information, we aim to improve the accuracy of mass determinations of galaxy clusters. Cosmological studies using galaxy clusters face systematic uncertainties due to the dynamical youth of the clus- ter population and biases associated with cluster gas, dark matter and the surrounding large scale structures. We shall pursue and constrain these systematics through a combined multi-wavelength and simulation-based study of galaxy clusters. including followup observations using interferometers (CARMA, ALMA) and single dish telescopes (GBT, IRAM 30m, CCAT) of eROSITA-selected clus- ters, and a detailed study of the cluster mass–observable relation using SPT selected clusters and associated X-ray and optical followup data. Mock observations based on full hydro simulations will be used to better understand systematics and covariances in the analysis of the observational data.
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