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Eighth TRR33 Winter School
Passo del Tonale (Italy) 7 - 12 December 2014


Overview Lectures

Julien Lesgourgues, CERN/EPFL

In depth topics

Galaxy Clusters: Stefano Ettori, INAF - Bologna Observatory
Galaxy Formation and Evolution: Gabriella De Lucia, INAF - Trieste Observatory
The Early Universe and the CMB: Paul Shellard, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Large Scale Structure of the Universe and New Physics: Massimo Pietroni, University of Padova
Large Scale Structure: Guillermo Ballesteros, University of Barcelona

Course content

Overview lectures: The standard cosmological model: The goal of these lectures is to summarise the current standard cosmological model, LambdaCDM?, and to present the main experimental proofs establishing its validity. I will go quickly through the main aspects of the Friedmann-Lemaitre model, of the thermal history of the universe after inflation, and of the theory of cosmological perturbations. There won't be time to enter into the detailed formalism, but I will try to stress the points that I find most useful for understanding the underlying physics. Next, I will summarise how the main observables (CMB and large scale structure spectra) depend on the parameters of the model. I will then review the observational probes of LambdaCDM?, and discuss to which extent this model is robust. The discussion will include recent Planck results and a review on what we know about the role of neutrinos in the universe.

Galaxy Clusters: I will describe how we observe, and characterize the properties, of the clusters of galaxies, the largest gravitationally-bound structures in the Universe. I will discuss how these observations are used to constrain both the parameters of the cosmological background in which galaxy clusters form and evolve, and the physics that rules the baryonic and dark matter components.

Galaxy Formation and Evolution: The aim of the lectures will be that of providing an introduction to the ideas and concepts that underpin modern models of galaxy formation and evolution, in a Universe in which cosmic structures originate from small initial perturbations and build up hierarchically. I will start with an overview of the basic observational results that our theory should reproduce. I will then focus on the physical processes at play. Finally, I will give a brief review of the numerical techniques that are currently used to study galaxy formation in a cosmological context, and will highlight their most recent successes and open problems.

Large Scale Structure of the Universe and New Physics: The Large Scale Structure (LSS) provides an unique laboratory to test our understanding of gravity, the properties of neutrinos, the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and the state of the primordial Universe. All these subjects involve physics beyond the Standard Model, and therefore one can see the LSS as potentially the best laboratory for New Physics for the years to come. In these lectures I will discuss how this program can be put into practice, focusing mainly on its theoretical aspects. After introducing the LSS observables and statistical description, I will review the dynamics of structure formation, from the initial conditions to the late evolution, and the theoretical tools to describe it. Then, I will discuss the impact on the LSS of various modifications of the standard LambdaCDM? scenario: massive neutrinos, warm dark matter, dynamical dark energy models, modifications of General Relativity. Finally, I will discuss the potential of present and future LSS observations to "discover" New Physics, and the work to be done to improve it.

Aim of the schoolclick to show

The school will cover topics relevant to the research subjects of the TRR33 network. The aim is to bring together observation and theory: "Theory for Observers & Observations for Theorists".

The school is part of a series, and was previously organized in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Preliminary Scheduleclick to show

  • There will be a coherent series of lectures, from the basics to the details of each subject.
  • One general overview lecture series, two observationally-oriented and two theoretical lecture series
  • 24 hours of lectures + ~2 hour discussion panel
  • Lectures will be held from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:30 - 09:20 Ettori
Clusters I
Overview II
Overview IV
Early Universe IV
De Lucia
Galaxies IV
09:30 - 10:20 Ballesteros
De Lucia
Galaxies II
Clusters II
De Lucia
Galaxies III
  Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Departure
11:00 - 11:50 Shellard
Early Universe I
Early Universe III
Clusters III
  Break Break Break Break  
  Break Break Break Break  
17:00 - 17:50 De Lucia
Galaxies I
Early Universe II
Clusters IV
18:00 - 18:50 Lesgourgues
Overview I
Overview III
Student Talks I Student Talks II  
21:00 - 22:00   Discussion Panel
at the Bar

Informationclick to show

Registration & fees

The registration deadline is on November 3rd, 2014.

To register, please fill in the form below. Please note that we will accept a limited number of participants (40).

There is a registration fee of ¤60 per person, to be paid by bank transfer to the school's account upon confirmation of acceptance. We will send the appropriate details at that stage.

If you need a visa to attend the school and require an official invitation letter, we recommend you to contact us as soon as you have confirmation of acceptance and definitely before October 1st, 2014.


TRR-33 members:

  • The TRR-33 will cover all travel expenses including the hotel and the registration fee, through the normal TRR33 travel funding of your group: ask your PI for permission
  • TRR-33 will NOT cover the food & beverage expenses (outside the hotel) because of DFG regulations. The only possibility for reimbursement of these expenses is through your local institute (university) funds. Ask your PI!

Non-TRR-33 participants:

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide financial support to students this year. Please arrange for your own funding through your institution.

Location & accommodation

The school will take place in Passo del Tonale, Italy.


PLEASE NOTE that participants will be grouped in double rooms. No single rooms are available. You DO NOT have to book by yourself as we have already arranged for the rooms. Participants will then pay the hotel directly there (only those who require a VISA are asked to pay in advanced).

  • Prices:
    Double: ¤47 per person per day (half board)
      ¤39 per person per day (B&B)
    single room supplement: ¤8 per day
    full board supplement: ¤8 per day

  • Wi-Fi access will be available in the hotel lobby and lounge/bar although it can be somewhat unreliable. One card with five hours of internet access will be included in the participation fee. Further cards will be available for purchase at the hotel for ¤5 each.

Travel information

Suggested solutions

We will provide a bus from Trento train station to Tonale at about 7pm on Sunday, Dec 7st. Please arrive by 18:30 if you intend to use the bus and wait inside Trento main station (look for the TRR33 Winterschool sign). If your train/flight is delayed please contact the organizers.

You can reach Trento by train from Verona (about 1h), Venezia Marco Polo (about 2.30 h), or Innsbruck (about 3h). After the school on Friday, Dec 12th, there will be a bus transfer Tonale-Trento, departing from the hotel at 1pm.

NOTE: the cost of the bus transfer is NOT included in the registration fee. The actual cost will depend on how many people request the bus transfer, but should come to approximately ¤20. This will be payable together with the participation fee upon your being accepted.

If you miss the bus or you arrive on a different day, you can reach Tonale from Trento in this way:

  • Close to Trento FSS Station, there is the Trentino Trasporti Station (very close, just beside): take a little train from Trento to Malč (you can buy the ticket at the station).
  • From Malč take a bus to Tonale (the bus stop is outside Malč station, the ticket can be bought at the station). Malč is 30 km from Tonale.

Please check the time schedule of the train and bus between Trento and Malč:

* Train timetables

Note that a taxi Trento - Tonale directly is quite expensive (~¤150).

In order to find the most convenient connections to Venezia Marco Polo, Verona or Innsbruck you can visit the websites:,

You can then check the railway connections between the airports and Trento at Trenitalia or Duetsche Bahn.

By plane: The nearest airports are:

  • Orio al Serio, Milano-Bergamo, about 140 km from Tonale,
  • Brescia Montichiari, about 140 km from Tonale,
  • Verona Valerio Catullo, about 160 km from Tonale,
  • Innsbruck (Austria), about 180 km from Tonale,
  • Milano Linate, about 200 km from Tonale,
  • Venezia Marco Polo about 325 km from Tonale.

By car:

  • Both from south or north, take road SS12 `del Brennero' or motorway A22 until San Michele all'Adige.
  • From there (80 km to Passo del Tonale) take road SS43 and then SS42 direction Passo del Tonale;
  • From east/west: take the motorway A4 Milano-Venezia until Ospitaletto.
  • Then follow Lago d'Iseo - Valle Camonica;
  • In alternative, motorway A4 Milano-Venezia until Seriate direction SS42, follow Lovere - Valle Camonica.

By train:

  • It is easy to reach Trento by train from Northern Italy, Austria, and Southern Germany. Check the railway connections at Trenitalia or Deutsche Bahn.

Organizing committee

Luisa Jaime, Matteo Maturi, Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Eduard Thommes, Georg Wolschin, Miguel Zumalacárregui.


Student Talks

There will be a special student session in which students will be given the possibility to give a short talk on the topic on which they are working. Should you be interested, please provide the title of your talk during registration process.

Please note that these talks are optional and reserved for students (graduate and PhD); should too many participants apply, we will carry out a selection process.

Skiing and other activities

If you would like to go skiing during the breaks, the hotel offers a four-day skipass for the following prices:


  • 4 days: ¤ 80,00
  • 5 days: ¤ 85,00
valid for Tonale, Ponte di Legno and Temů (100km paths). Passes for less days are also available. If we can collect more than 20 skipass we can get a higher discount.

Alternatively, FREESKi is a skipass valid for the entire area of Dolomiti di Brenta, including Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida-Marilleva, Andalo-Molveno and Pejo (prices around 95-115 euro for 4-6 days).

If you choose the full-board catering, the hotel will be able to prepare a packed lunch for you instead of the sit-down meal, should you wish to take it with you to the mountain.

Link to the ski area

Link to a high-resolution ski map

Below you can also find more information on further activities available at Tonale. The following information was provided by Tonale tourist information centre (located next to the conference hall).

  • Daily snowshoeshike with an alpine guide who explains the nature and history of the region. Price per person with minimum 10 person ¤15,00 instead of 20,00 including snowshoes hire and alpine guide.

  • Nightly snowshoeshike by moonlight with an alpine guide who explains the starry sky, the nature and history of the region. Price per person with minimum 10 person is ¤15,00 instead of 20,00 including snowshoes and headlight hire and accompanying of an alpine guide. For information and reservation or at the Tourist information office. (If enough people are interested we can organize a night excursion once there).

  • Sleddog: sledging hauled by husky dogs. Sleddog school organizes courses of 3 or 4 hours;

  • About the snowmobile, there is “Autofficina Veclani” that organizes a lot of activities. For example, you can use snowmobile in an equipped track in Passo Tonale, near hotel Dolomiti (17 euro – 10 minutes, 22 euro – 15 minutes, 28 euro – 20 minutes). There are also organized snowmobile rides with wonderful panoramic views, starting at 5 pm circa. The cost of this service is 75 euro (for 2 people) and it lasts about 1 hour. Finally you can have the opportunity to have dinner in a hut / restaurant (La Mirandola or La Baracca); this activity starts at 7 pm and costs 160 euro for 2 people. There is always a group leader that will teach you the better way to ride. You can have more information at or calling + 39 0364 91808.

  • The is a swimming pool near Passo del Tonale, in Ponte di Legno(10km). It is open from Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm and on Saturnday and Sunday from 3 pm to 8 pm.

  • In Tonale there is a rink near Hotel Savoia, open daily from 10am to 11 pm.

Weather forecast:

Registration Formclick to show

IMPORTANT NOTICE: WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT A MAXIMUM OF 40 PARTICIPANTS. We will confirm whether you have been accepted or not shortly after the deadline.

Personal Information

First name*:

Last name*:



Name of supervisor:

Topics of research:

Current status:
Master student
PhD student

Start date of PhD:

Participated in previous TransRegio Winter School in Tonale:

* will be displayed in list of registrants


Italian visa required:

Bus Transfer Trento-Tonale

Note: the cost of the bus transfer is not included in the registration fee.

Transfer at arrival, Trento to Tonale, leaving Trento train station in the evening on Sunday, December 7th, (more information to come):

I would like to use the bus transfer:

Transfer at departure, Tonale-Trento, leaving Tonale after the end of the school on the morning of Friday, December 12th, arriving in Trento at about 13h00 (more information to come):

I would like to use the bus transfer:


All accommodation is in shared double rooms. If you do not provide a name for a suggested room-mate, we will allocate someone of the same gender as you.

Gender: Female Male


Half Full

If you are skiing and have full board, the hotel will be able to prepare a packed lunch for you instead of the sit-down lunch.

Would you be interested in a skiing course?

No Yes, and I'm an absolute beginner Yes, and I have a little experience

Suggested roommate:


Only if you are a student and would like to give a brief presentation about your work:
Title of your talk:

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You can always contact us at with any questions or if you have trouble using the registration form.

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